Wedding Bells: Kris & Mark

Welcome to Cali….and our Rehersal Dinner

September 20th, 2005

OK – so for family folks who came out from NY and the East Coast – we did desert and drinks at Downtown Disney. Here’s Devon and her parents.

We got there in time for the fireworks.

Mark and I had Mint Juelps from the Jazz Kitchen….but they forgot to add sugar…Ewwww….

Here’s my dad with Missy, Kaine, Mike, Devon and Mark.

We took everyone bowling for our Rehersal Dinner on Friday, August 26. That was actually the day Mark and I started dating….a while ago.

Here’s Auntie Evelyn, Ate Gigi and Ninang Nora.

We had a bride’s team and the groom’s team. Ninong Perry was on the bride’s team….the winning team.

Devon scored some strikes on the practice lanes.

Tom J., Kaine and Terri bowled on the groom’s team.

There’s Jennie and Scott!

Andrea and David flew into Ontario and then drove to the bowling alley. They helped with scoring.

Tita Sylvia flew in from Wyoming and Tita Chita flew in from the Philippines.

Susan and Tom flew into Ontario and drove like mad to make it to our rehersal at St. Denis. I was thrilled to see them make it for our rehersal.

I stuck to soda and water for the rehersal dinner. I didn’t want to wake-up with a hang-over on my wedding day. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. Besides, I had to be up at the crack of dawn for our beauty session. So…yeah. No booze for the bride-to-be. Besides, maybe laying off the hard stuff helped my game. I ended the round with 145 points. Yeah!

Tom D. won our MVP trophy for the highest score. Oddly enough, another member of Mark’s team won our “Close but No Cigar” trophy for the lowest score – Tom J. I suppose that kinda balanced out the game.

My bridal team – 625
Mark’s groom team – 621

Talk about your close games!

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