Wedding Bells: Kris & Mark

Marriage Retreat

June 29th, 2005

Marriage Retreat
Our priest told us we needed to go on a engaged couples retreat – in order to get married at St. Denis….so we went to one in Montibello this weekend. It was held at a seminary. The other couples at the retreat said they were their for the certificate of completion, as well. We both went, with our feet slightly dragging. After 44 hours – little sleep – we came away from the retreat with a better understanding of ourselves as a couple.

Tears were shed, we ate a lot and I went to my first Confession in 2 years.

Here’s a shot from the seminary’s “Mary Garden”. Mark identified the statue as Quan Yin – the female avatar of the Buddha – people believed in here and believed they would be sent into paradise. She fit in well with the other female statues in the garden – from South America, Africa and Europe.


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