Wedding Bells: Kris & Mark

Louie and Andre on Our Wedding Day

September 11th, 2005

Well, since my bridesmaids and I were busy getting beautiful on the Big Day – my London-partner-in-crime, Andrea, took over photography duties for the bears.

‘Cause it would seem odd if Louie and Andre didn’t get to see the Wedding, don’t you think? Here they are….in their own words…God help us.

Louie – It’s the crack of dawn and Mommy demands all her girls show up to Ninang Nora’s house for their beauty session. Louie thinks waking up early sucks. Louie demands a cup of coffee for his trouble. Early morning wake-up calls interfere with my beauty sleep. Can you see the bags under my eyes? Can you?

Andre – Mommy’s worried about Mark and his family making it to the church. Andre dials up Markie to see where he is. It’s hard for Andre to make the call. Stubby Paws. Stubby Paws. So, Susan calls up Markie instead.

Louie – Mommy goes upstairs to put on her dress. Louie makes sure Mommy’s veil is on straight. It’s a tough job, but some bear has to do it. Like Louie. See how hard Louie works on Mommy’s special day?

Andre – Wheeeeee! Mommy’s Mommy drives us to the church. Wheeee!

Andre – Andre guards wedding stuff for Andrea. Andre likes Andrea’s name. If Andre was a girl bear, Andre would be Andrea. If Andrea was a boy human, Andrea would be Andre.

Andre – Not enough Andre in this pix. Too much David and Louie. Look how big Louie is!

Louie – Then Andrea wants some bear lovin.’ Come to Papa Bear!

Andre – Andre thinks this is a big church. Too big for little bears like Andre.

Louie – Louie likes the organ music. Look! There goes Mommy down the aisle. Go Mommy Go!

Louie – Louie has to tell Andre to stop crying. They’re starting the wedding. Andre asks Louie for a hankie. Louie doesn’t have a hankie. Louie doesn’t have pockets. Andre keeps sniffling.

Andre – Wow! Mommy and Markie look beautiful!

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  1. Andrea says

    Hahahhahahah I LOVE IT! Glad to see you liked the photos. I know I took too many. =)

    September 14th, 2005 | #

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