Wedding Bells: Kris & Mark

Freckles in our eyes

August 27th, 2007

We ended up spreading out our 2 year anniversary over three days. Tasty food, good drinks, Trivia Smackdown and happy memories. We even got a card from Daisy. Mark said one day she asked for the car keys and she came back with our present: a porcelain mug from Starbucks. He said “china” is the traditional gift on the two year anniversary.

Two years of wedded bliss. We’ve had our ups and downs…but we’re still so very much in love. That’s a good thing.

Limoncella Sorbet
We finished up our anniversary dinner with a Limoncella Sorbet at the New City Cafe. I’m tickled to find my favorite Italian liquor in a Topeka restaurant. It tasted, sweet, lemony and refreshing on a hot summer night.

Old Married Couple
Earlier this month, we went to my cousin’s wedding in Long Island, NY. I suppose you could call us the old married couple. My cousin made a beautiful bride and it was a pleasure to meet her new family. It was lovely to watch this August wedding and remember our own…two years ago.

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