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Thank you for the lovely gifts

August 24th, 2005

Thank you for the lovely gifts
I think the UPS dude enjoyed bringing over the lovely gifts we got through registry.

We also had a blast getting the e-mail updates from our honeymoon registry.

You people rock! Thank you so much!


Hair and Make-up Preview

August 11th, 2005

Preview Session
I drove down to a Riverside studio to do my hair and make-up preview. I found my stylist, Sharon Tabb, through She’s friendly and professional. She told me she also does make-up and hair for MTV programs. I didn’t think I could get my hair up into this lovely sweep of curls, but Sharon’s a miracle worker. I can’t wait to show off some glam on our wedding day :)

More details about our reception…

August 11th, 2005

My Ninang picked out this lovely arrangement for our centerpieces. I love how the candles match our wedding colors.

Crystal Cove

August 10th, 2005

Last Sunday, we went to Crystal Cove with our wedding photographer, Omar.


Wedding Traditions….

August 9th, 2005

OK – going through our checklist of “To-Do-Items” for the wedding. Thank you to everyone who has helped out so far and will continue to help for the next 2 weeks and 5 days….yup – that’s how long I have as a single chica before the wedding. eeck!

Last weekend, we checked out our florist in Chino Hills – Buds and Blossoms. Dodi, our wedding florist dude, had a preview bouquet. It looks beautiful! In the car, my honey and I discussed the wedding tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”

I found an explantion on the

An excerpt from’s article: “Your Gown: Tracking Tradition”

The tradition of the bride wearing something old (for continuity), new (optimism for the future), borrowed (happiness), and blue (fidelity, good fortune, and love) on her wedding day stems from an Old English rhyme. The “something borrowed” comes from the superstition that happiness rubs off, so the bride borrowed something from a happily married woman. “Something blue” comes from the notion that the shade denotes fidelity, purity and love.

Mark said the traditions are “totemic.” But then he said that was more about the family. So he used the word “tailsmanic”. The honey and his anthro background determined this was a better word because it has to do with people and their superstions….for folks who want to ward off evil spirits.

Marriage Retreat

June 29th, 2005

Marriage Retreat
Our priest told us we needed to go on a engaged couples retreat – in order to get married at St. Denis….so we went to one in Montibello this weekend. It was held at a seminary. The other couples at the retreat said they were their for the certificate of completion, as well. We both went, with our feet slightly dragging. After 44 hours – little sleep – we came away from the retreat with a better understanding of ourselves as a couple.

Tears were shed, we ate a lot and I went to my first Confession in 2 years.

Here’s a shot from the seminary’s “Mary Garden”. Mark identified the statue as Quan Yin – the female avatar of the Buddha – people believed in here and believed they would be sent into paradise. She fit in well with the other female statues in the garden – from South America, Africa and Europe.


A look at the reception site…

June 13th, 2005


We managed to snag Angelo and Vinci’s a few months ago. It was a bit scary, looking for a place, ’cause every site was booked for our wedding day – Saturday, August 27.

I remember my friend Stacey taking me to this Italian restaurant when we were in high school and still skating.


Maps and Directions for that Special Day

June 11th, 2005

OK – this is mainly for folks who have not been to Cali and/or who have not been to Diamond Bar and/or who are just plain bad with directions. You know who you are.

Mark made these lovely maps with the help of He’s so talented!

Here’s a map of our church – St. Denis in Diamond Bar. The ceremony is on Saturday, August 27 at 9 AM.


St. Denis

May 25th, 2005

St. Denis

Originally uploaded by queenkv.

I snapped some pictures of my home parish – St. Denis. It’s in Diamond Bar. As a teenager – it was almost a third home to me – the skating rink was my second home.

I’ve always wanted to get married here. So that’s what we’re doing. It’s beautiful to me.

We just got back from our meeting with Msg. Jim. He’s doing the mass for our wedding. A nice Irish priest – with a droll sense of humor.


Doing our wedding registry….online…

April 23rd, 2005

We have registered online.

Search for Mark Phillips or Kris Vera at: –

“People who purchase items from a Wedding Registry can opt to send them to any address; however, the default delivery address for the Wedding Registry is the one that the couple provided when creating the registry. Gift givers can see only the name, city, and state associated with this address–the street address is hidden.” (from the Amazon Wedding Registry Site)

If you would like to contribute to our honeymoon, you may do so at the following site: –

“Couples create their own unique lists of the honeymoon gifts they would like to receive – including lodging, airfare, romantic dinners, and special activities such as a luxurious massage or sunset cruise. Wedding guests can select gifts they know are desired from the couple’s registry “wish list”, choosing a gift that will be remembered and treasured forever.” (from TheBigDay website)

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