Wedding Bells: Kris & Mark

Smile for the camera

September 28th, 2005

It’s been a joy to look through all these pictures from our photographer. I showed parents a musical slideshow through iTunes. I’ll probably make a slideshow movie for the blog….eventually. This entry has a sampling of shots from before the ceremony. You can see more pictures at our new wedding pix site on flickr. Heck, there’s only so many meg’s this blog can take before my ISP shuts me down. So, I went through Flickr to host the rest of the pictures.

So…I think our photographer had time to take some nice pix since the bride’s side was running a little late. Devon, our flowergirl, looks lovely by the fountain.

Here’s a nice pose by Scott!

The men look sharp! I also love the composition of this shot.

My mom looks so pretty!

One more stylish picture before we have to line-up.

A kiss for good luck. Plus our photographer told me to give my dad a kiss.

Taking more deep breaths….trying to look for the nearest exit.
My buddy from Medill im-ed me about the wedding. She asked if I had a panic attack. I told her mine kinda started around the time of the wedding rehersal. I told her it felt like everything was closing in on me…and I tend to get claustrophobic. I even warned my cousin to find the child-locks on the car door, on the morning of the wedding….so when our photographer took this shot…right before my grand entrance….i was looking for exits out of the church

Then she asked, “Really?! When did it end?”
I im-ed back: “when my dad gave me away to Mark….and my mom pulled my veil away from my face….which was kinda funny since my mom’s so petite….and well, I wore some sweet platform heels. She could barely reach my veil.”

Time to start the show!

Here’s Mark and his mom, Terri.

Tom and Jen.

Kaine and Susan.

Uncle Charlie and Auntie Evelyn.

Mark’s dad, Mike and my mom.

Devon looked beautiful as our flowergirl.

It’s such a big church!

The door closed behind Devon. When the organ player started Wagner’s bridal march, it was my turn.

Time to get hitched.

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